Behind the Magic with Fendi

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The Italian design house, FENDI never ceases to amaze the world. From the streets of Rome to a catwalk on the moon, they are a luxury brand renowned for innovation, craftsmanship and elegance.

This year, FENDI has taken a futuristic approach to visual design for their Christmas window displays using a collection of Hypnoteye faces, accessorised with gold, bright lights and FENDI’s signature fur, to entice those festive shoppers and inspire passersby. Their love for unique and playful concepts whilst instilling the brand’s rich heritage creates a truly magic retail experience.

“At FENDI we love creativity and the luxury approach with a surprising touch.”

Fendi Holiday Season

Fendi Holiday Season

Tell us about how you got your inspiration for this year’s holiday program. 

LUCA ALBERO: The inspiration as for every year is very much linked to the collection. FENDI loves to play with very graphic, dynamic and fun concepts. This year FENDI will celebrate the holiday season invading the world with its Hypnoteyes faces and iconic Golden studs for an optical yet eclectic festive atmosphere.


How far in advance do you need to start planning?

LUCA ALBERO: The planning starts about 6/7 months before that is anticipated from a period of materials research and testings of prototypes. Materials research in FENDI is a key value that goes from product Collections in the Style department to all other departments as store planning and of course visual merchandising.

Fendi Holiday Season

Tell us about the preparations for getting ready for the festivities and your favourite part of the process.

LUCA ALBERO: The preparations for getting ready for the holiday season start with ideas and brainstorming months and months before. Firstly the future image of the FENDI holiday season is identified and then the Collection is analysed to find a matching concept, which is then adapted to the visual merchandising. Sketching starts… followed by rendering… prototypes… and a mini version of the windows that get final approved by the top management. The production face then starts with a specific timing and schedule although always respecting high-quality standards. Until arriving at the day in which the whole project takes life!


The whole process is taken care of with the maximum attention and to details. Always trying to do better and change things for the best during the various phases.

 Photos courtesy of Luca Albero, WW Visual Director, FENDI

Fendi Holiday Season