Behind the Magic with Sisley

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For our latest behind the magic series, luxury French skincare brand, SISLEY has unveiled their beautifully curated window display.

The unique brand who specialise in using natural remedies and Phyto-cosmetology are known for their carefully crafted cosmetics, and scientific performance when to it comes to quality control. However, this fresh and revitalising take on design is not only seen within their luxury products but equally their elegant visual concept for this year’s holiday windows.

Sisley festive window

Having always drawn their inspiration from the very heart of the plant, Sisley’s window display is made up of floral like snowflakes printed across their windows, enhancing the brand’s organic ethics. The eye-catching flakes are painted in bright blue and white shades with glimmers of royal gold sparkling through, and promote the luxury allure of the family brands rich creams, sweet perfumes and superior makeup tools.

Also featured in the Sisley windows, is the brand’s latest collection of skincare and reinvented accessory range, which is beautifully pre-wrapped within a bespoke box, making the perfect gift for that special someone.

Photos courtesy of Sisley