Get lost in the Holidays with Ludwig Beck

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The traditional LUDWIG BECK, located on the Marienplatz in the heart of Munich, features seven floors entirely devoted to luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Visitors from local regions and all over the world surround themselves in soft cashmere fabrics, sweet aromas, and dark roasted coffee flavours triggering their human senses.  The Ludwig Beck is a shopping Mecca that offers an incredibly unique retail experience.

“Let us take this winter to an enchanted world and perhaps you will find your own personal “fairy tale to go”?” – Christian Greiner

For this holiday season, the lavish department store is stimulating the imaginations of consumers with their fairy tale themed, festive windows, entitled “A Story to go,”  transporting visitors on a nostalgic journey into childhood.

Inspired by one of eight known children stories of the Brothers Grimm by the writer, Hans Christian Andersen, Ludwig Beck is modernising the traditional fairy tales and transforming them with  a “new look”. They  tell of miraculous events and take you to magically enchanted places, creating a sense of feeling like an excitable child all over again.

Get lost in the holidays with Ludwig Beck

Each window reads a different story, featuring a precious glass slipper, an enchanted mirror or a little pea hidden underneath a mattress, all of which are enhanced with a contemporary personal touch, combining bright lighting and graphical shapes to provide the perfect backdrop to present Ludwig Beck’s fashionable holiday selections.

The theme goes beyond just the holiday windows – decorating the retail space are storybooks and symbols , triggering memories of various fables that were once upon a time, read to you as part of your bedtime routine. The modernly interpreted motifs can also be spied upon Ludwig Beck’s very own gift paper, greeting cards and even on their stamps.