Get Lost in the Holidays with Magasin Du Nord

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The Copenhagen department store Magasin Du Nord has created their very own Christmas story to inspire their holiday window displays. Since opening its doors back in 1868, originally a small drapers store, the now mecca is a retail landmark full with magical history!

Located in the heart of the city, Kongens Nytorv, the seven-story building tells the tale of Magasin Du Nord’s Christmas helper, Veronica and all her exciting ventures and surprises found amongst the lavish merchandise of fashion, home wear, beauty, and more, during her search for the perfect Holiday gift.

Magasin du Nord

Veronica was first seen in Magasin du Nord in 1936. A little Christmas helper known as a sweet but cheeky, Veronica played tricks on grown-ups coming into Magasin. There were many traditions connected to her. On December afternoons, the “Song of Veronica” was played in the store for the children, who had to search for her. She would be hidden somewhere in the store, and the lucky child who found her would receive a Veronica doll.

The original Veronica was discovered in the Magasin du Nord museum and has been given a little makeover. She is still sweet, but more grown up and fashionable, helping customers to find their way through the store. This year our customers can follow Veronica as she seeks the perfect gift for her best friend in our flagship window concept. Veronica’s adventure in “All of Denmark’s Gift House” (Hele Danmarks Julegavehus) leads her to the perfect present. Each window tells a little story of Veronica going on an adventure in our different departments.

The Danish Illustrator Mette Boesgaard helped bring Veronica back to life, creating her very own “Veronica universe” and together with the Magasin in-store design team, the window concept was developed and executed by our amazing retail design agency, Office Twelve.