A Dialogue in Silence | An Interview with Laura Forte

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Born in the little Italian town Copertino, Laura Forte went on to become a goldsmith and stone setter. She went on to become the outstanding contemporary artist she is today, now having her signature behind impressive Italian made jewels.

She started her career at Tre Esse -a jewelry maker in Nove, Italy. Laura’s qualification in gemology allowed her to include precious gemstones into her designs. Always aiming to improve her technique, she eventually established her own business in 2005 as a goldsmith setter. This comprehensive journey in jewelry and gemology enabled her to find her personal style and create exceptional designs.

Design collection by Laura

Combining geometric shapes, noble metals and precious stones, her collections have two essential elements: language and aesthetics. Through her creations, Laura strives to build a dialogue between herself and her environment. Her work is more than a combination of different materials, but a type of communication.

MiND had a chance to step into her inspirational world. Laura showed us to what extent art can contribute to deepening one’s relationship with the world outside of them.

“I handle gold and darkened silver, dark as the void I perceive all around me. The space nearby is made of silence and there I can see everything. I can see my art.”

Deep Ring by Laura

What inspired you to dedicate yourself to creating jewelry?

The search for perfection fascinates me, also conceiving the space around me; looking and fixing the concept of beauty. I look to transform the material with feelings and in the end, this gives a form and an existence to my creations.

What story are you looking to tell with the combination of geometrical shapes and nobel metal?

It is like thinking of being elements that move and collide until they merge. Solid bodies, art producers; that’s how I see my creations.

What piece of jewelry or collection do you most identify with or defines you as an artist?

My works are a passage across myself and with this in mind, every collection identifies me in many different ways.

Double Ring by Laura

What’s your process of creating a new jewelry or approaching a new project? What comes first?

I like to turn on my imagination. The idea is to transform the material and transfer it into a design. At the end, it becomes a jewel, so an innovation. I want people to feel different when they wear my creations.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

Creating a dialogue with every work I build; creating the missing half.

Aesthetics, craftsmanship, the gallery, reputation, relevance to the market… Which one creates value in your artworks?

A work of art is the result of a creative will. It is fundamental to evaluate all the elements that make up the set of meanings in the process of creation. So creativity and craftsmanship are essential to me.

Double Ring Silver, Pearl Sea by Laura

Stylist Gioiagiustino

What role does art have in ever-changing modern society?

Art is a container capable of absorbing every little change in society. And in the same way it has the necessary push for the evolution of itself. We constantly need each other to understand the world we live in.

How do digital processes and new technologies affect you while creating your works as a contemporary artist?

The artist needs to expand. The new technology and digital processes are a bridge of momentum to deepen and experiment with new ideas.

Jewel by Laura

Can you tell us about your upcoming collections, exhibitions or projects?

I am looking for an authentic future where everything becomes new. So I continuously move towards new things. I have several exhibitions coming up in Rome, Monaco, Paris, Switzerland and Porto!

By Merve Durmus