An Unsettling Visual Trip with Marco Mori

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The power of art lies under the fact that you cannot ignore it. Eventually, it leaks into your mind and ignite your brain to find out what’s behind everything. This is how we felt when we discovered a German Motion Designer and 3D Artist Marco Mori. Looking at his Instagram which he uses as his playground, we can say that we are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people fell in love with his sensational, wild and theatrical animations. Marco challenges the viewers with his bustling concepts that range from melting human heads to shrinking bodies, donut-born men, twerking babies on a Candyland

Marco Mori.

Born and raised in a small town at Lake of Constance, he spent most of his free time outside in nature doing some sports with his friends. While skateboarding, he had his first tries at cutting a video, “But it was nothing serious.” Marco says. He found his true calling later on at the university. He got into animation during his studies in Interactive Media in Augsburg. First being taught Maya ,which he hated, he found Cinema 4D after his research and that’s where everything has begun for Marco. Before getting lost in his psychedelic world, check out what he shared with us.

“Art should provoke any emotion, no matter if it’s love or hate or anything else.”

Marco Mori

How do you create your concepts?

I am not very good at sticking to the concepts. Most of my animations arise while playing with the software. Trying new techniques and then thinking about potential combinations… Most of the time I think to myself: “This could look cool if I combine it with this.” Then I keep playing, changing, deleting, having errors and fixing. Therefore, I start modifying until I feel quite happy with it and ready to share.

Those massive melting & imploding bodies in your animations are truly psychedelic. What makes a piece of art ‘surrealistic’?

I believe, as long as it breaks the habits of normal/standard, it’s surreal. However, I haven’t researched the definition yet…

Marco Mori.

You’ve been working for Gorillaz, Kanye West, Young Thug and more. Tell us more about your experiences with these & other inspiring collaborations.

I think the Gorillaz project was my first big job I landed. They asked me if I would like to do a short scene for their new video. However, I didn’t know that there are also some other great artists aboard because I never saw any concept paper or story board in advance. That is why the final result was really surprising for me but I really liked it. For the Young Thug and Kanye West projects, it was a bit different. Since I worked closely with the Visual Effects(VFX) Supervisor, I could see the whole edit and storyboard. In other words, I was fully integrated in the project and learned a lot about the workflow of such big projects.

The biggest influence on your art? Where do you draw inspiration from?

I don’t think there is a single source where I draw my inspiration from. However I can say this, it’s composed of a little bit of everything. Talks, movies, music, the people I hang around with, the topics which are occupying me…

Marco Mori x Gorillaz.

What is the most challenging part of your career?

Answering mails, asking for payment, arguing with clients, unnecessary feedback loops, organizing projects, checking finances, etc. There are many other works to deal with which I find challenging. I actually just want to create, but I need to do these other jobs as well and I am still learning how to handle everything as I am pretty new to all this stuff. Nevertheless, with passion and time you can do everything you want to.

What do you feel is art’s role in society?

Tricky art questions… I think it should provoke emotions. It should make the viewer think about it, question it and maybe take it further and question other things in life.

All of your works are impressive. However, which one of them do you most identify with?

Thanks! Another hard question… As they are all created by me, I think they all represent somehow a part of me so I can’t tell you which one is the most identifying.

Marco Mori x Kanye West.

Tell us some of your upcoming projects.

I’m working with Sam, the VFX Supervisor and co-director of Young Thug & my partner at Kanye West job. We are doing another music video directed by him. I’m super excited to work with him again. I guess we are completing each other super nice and there will be some more bangers coming!

By: Merve Durmus