Art in Humor | An Interview with Brindha Kumar

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Brindha Kumar’s illustrations are an example of eccentricity and subtle humor. Oozing out with colors and infectious energy, we recommend checking out her website.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Brindha, like any other teenager, was unsure of her career path. However, with a passion for art and support from her mother, she went onto pursue Graphic Design in London, which turned out to a stepping-stone in a universe of endless possibilities. She says her time in London definitely expanded her creatively and pushed her lateral thinking.

Her optimistic spirit and ability to convey a story through careful combination of colors makes her an artist to look out for. MiND had the pleasure of speaking to Brindha Kumar about her artworks.

Illustration “Butt” by Brindha Kumar

What nurtured your interest in art?

My mother is quite artistic herself. I was fascinated by her drawings and I especially loved the way she played with typography. Intrigued by what I can create just through art, I was motivated and there was no turning back. Since my mother has always been supportive of my career choice, it gave me freedom to do what I am so passionate about.

Another person that played a huge role in my artistic journey is my art teacher, Mrs. Chee. I enrolled for art classes when I was 8 years old and  Mrs. Chee she has been crucial in nurturing my passion. She allowed my creativity to blossom as each week she encouraged us to incorporate what we learnt into our own artwork.

Animation for Urbanscapes that reveals Kuala Lumpur’s surreal side, based on the theme #ReimagineKL.

 What story or emotion do you wish to convey through your work?

I am basically a happy person and I feel that it spills over in my work. Humor lifts the spirits and I feel that it’s important to us as adults too. I don’t deliberately think of something funny, I let my emotions take me through the motion when I illustrate.

Tropical Fiesta by Brindha Kumar

A color you personally associate with?

I have always been attracted to colors or anything that is colorful. I think everything that I have done, whether it is a painting, a banner that I did in school, a project that I did in university and even now with commission work, always involved a lot of colors. It usually starts with a few colors that I immediately think of. Then it slowly expands or changes slightly as I further develop my work. Even seeing a certain color alone can get me inspired to work on a new illustration.

Tropical Fiesta by Brindha Kumar

Having worked majorly with digital media, is there any other medium you have or would like to explore?

I like to paint, working with both oil and acrylic. Most of my artwork has been abstract in style. I had also recently started learning how to tattoo as I have always been fascinated by it. I am still a beginner so I will keep sharpening my skills and see where it will take me in the future. Hopefully, I will be able to combine my illustrations with tattooing!

What does art mean to you, and how is it impacting the current society?

Art is an expression of thoughts and feeling or emotions. It’s a language on its own. As an artist, this is what it means to me. In my work, I decipher the thoughts of my clients and then translate that message through the illustrations I create. Art plays a huge impact in society as it is a way of communication, regardless of different cultures or different backgrounds.

“Art influences the way people think, experience and react. “

Portrait by Amani Azlin

Having collaborated with fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, L’officiel, do you draw any parallels with the fashion industry?

I do love fashion and I find some inspiration from it. It is not something that has a huge influence on what I create but if I have projects related to fashion, I get really excited because fashion can also be big and colorful and fun.

Illustration “Butt” by Brindha Kumar

What are you passionate about besides your work?

­I love listening to music and travelling. I would try to make it a point to go for a music festival in a different country each year, so I would be doing two of my favorite things at once! I also love checking out art exhibitions, it is just so much fun and it really keeps me inspired.

"An idea comes to me when I feel really inspired by something I have seen. Then, I have an urge to make this ideas come to life, depending on the way I feel at that moment. My mind always finds something completely random to be inspired by. Its constantly changing."

Illustration for Urbanscapes that reveals Kuala Lumpur’s surreal side, based on the theme #ReimagineKL.

Can you unveil one of your next projects?

I will be taking a break from freelance and working full time for two months with a local apparel company called Pestle & Mortar. I will be creating illustrations for their apparel, which I am quite excited about!

By: Akanksha Salunke