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CHO KONZEPT is a fresh premium jewellery brand founded by Tanja Heiss in Paris in 2019. She has a strong desire to help people accentuate their uniqueness by creating jewels that are the highest means to express herself. She wants to give the wearer a positive feeling about themselves to make them feel beautiful, valuable and confident every day.

Large circle earring and small circle earring captured by Tanja Heiss

Her pieces are inspired by nature, Japanese aesthetics, art, architecture and people, of course. People play an important part of the creative process.

“Ever since I was fascinated about people. We are 7 billion and everybody is different in appearance, belief, thinking, opinions, origin, experiences, and age. At the same time we all have something in common. I find that beauty lies not in our differences nor in our similarities but in both together.”

What Tanja says, sums up the reason why she decided to create asymmetrical designs. All pieces have something similar and are different at the same time, keeping their balance through their asymmetrical shapes. The simple design is important because it helps create long-lasting pieces that will never get old in time.

Extra long line earring on Martell Fox captured by Tanja Heiss

The unique pieces of art are handmade through a traditional manufacturing process. In the future, Tanja would love to have more digital devices, like a pen tablet or a 3D printer, as these would help her realize her upcoming projects. But despite the desire for more technological components, the finishing of her jewellery will always be handmade in order to assure high quality standards.

The creation of her pieces is a continuous process. Every time something inspiring come to mind, she notes it down or takes a picture of it. Then she sits down and she makes the magic happen through sketching, drawing, painting, creating mood boards, collecting materials and making decisions. Listening to the intuition and determination helps make it work. She really likes the bold pieces. While the large circle ring never leaves her hand – probably as it’s the first piece she created – the asymmetrical pair of long plaque earrings are the ones that defines her best.

When people wear my creations, I want them to feel unique, confident and beautiful – the way they are.

Photo: Extra thin circle ring and extra large circle ring on Jasmine Xie

The perfection of these earrings are the mirror of Tanja perfectionism. One of the challenges of her work is that she is very hard on herself and in order to allow creativity to happen, she needs to let go more. Another challenge is finding time not only for herself, but also for designing new products, as being a one-woman brand makes it difficult to make everything fit the agenda.

Long plaque earring on Martell Fox captured by Anastasia Rokhlenko

As a crafter, the key is to always adapt. Customers seek uniqueness, authenticity and customizable pieces of high quality products. Craftsmanship is all about creative people dedicating their time to creating these values. CHO KONZEPT’s creations are valuable because of the whole “concept” behind the brand: the projects; the asymmetrical design in earrings; the possibility to compose your own pair; locally produced (made in France); design pieces at an accessible price; the aesthetics.

Circle and Line rings on Lucile Hossepied captured by Tanja Heiss

We are different, we are similar. We are unique. The similarities brings us together and the differences make us grow.

Her upcoming projects will have different materials playing their part in the creation and design. However, she really looks forward to collaborations with inspiring partners.

We hope the new decade will bring her and CHO KONZEPT many inspiring opportunities and ideas.

Interview by Carmen Mc Intosh
Banner: extra large line ring and extra thin line ring on Lucile Hossepied captured by Tanja Heiss
Gallery: captured by Tanja Heiss on Jasmine Xie, Lucile Hossepied, Tina Rupprecht