Brand Image: Contributing a Grain of Sand to Society | Guilherme Almeida

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Guilherme Almeida is a 31 years old designer with experience in retail, store development and office furniture design. His aim as a designer is to offer a pleasant sensorial and emotional experience to the users through a holistic approach to the design process in order to understand and fulfil the user’s needs, ambitions, and ultimately their latent desires.

MiND met Guilherme in Barcelona and discovered more about his background and experience at Oysho.

Guilherme studied product design engineering and within his first experience in retail he gained experience in all different aspects including window and store design. From there he worked for an office furniture company where he worked heavily on his technical skills. In 2019 Guilherme started working at Oysho, where he is a graphic and concept designer on the image team, which is responsible for concept development and implementation of creativities to the worldwide store windows.

To create one strong image for the store and brand, everyone must work together. Guilherme shared that they strive for all their communication channels, from social networks to store interiors, to share the same message. “There are several departments and we communicate a lot between us to all be aligned.”

“I have always been passionate about the world of design and ever since I was little, I tried to invent new things, draw new things, look for different concepts, question myself about things, how they are, and try to always look for something more innovative.”

Guilherme explained to us his job at Oysho. “I do it starting from the company’s brief. For example, this year we are looking for a girl of a certain age range and with a certain profile, and from this I develop the concept, the decorations, the graphics, the image that we will give to stores and shop windows. It is a team effort; together we are adjusting everything as a whole. To develop a showcase, we start from the collection. Oysho has quite a few product lines: underwear, swimsuits and bikinis, clothing to be at home and clothing for the gym. Each showcase must support what it wants to communicate for the collection. In the end, we sell the image as a set of everything.”

Oysho has a huge global network that consists of over 600 stores. Due to this, it is a challenge to create a global image that resonates with the strong diverse cultures that exist in the communities where their stores are located. “What we are trying to do is communicate with the same language. And then there is the logistics part. Everything that concerns the store image is mostly produced in Europe. We have to make sure that everything arrives on time before the new collection arrives so that it can be exhibited on the scheduled day. Managing all these shipments and coordinating the product with the image is complicated.”

While Guilherme looks at each project differently and feels proud of them all, he shared about one project in particular. “At Desigual I had quite a bit of freedom and developed very cool projects. I created a snowball that had a mannequin inside. We wanted to highlight a scarf and we used fans to make this scarf waving. This affected people. They stopped in front of the store to take photos and then went in and commented. The interaction that the product created with people was a source of pride for me.”

“I really like thinking that the work I do impacts thousands of people every day and this makes me think about the responsibility I have when I communicate something. When I am communicating a sustainability message, I like to think that I am contributing a grain of sand to society.”

Sustainability and ecology are important to Guilherme and Oyhso as a company. He informed us that they are putting a lot into their sustainability efforts. “We are using recycled and reused materials like firewood. The stores have ecological certificates, they are self-sustainable, they consume very little, and we are taking out everything that is plastic. The bags are made of recycled paper. I think that the future of retail in general is sustainability.”

Guilherme believes that you end up putting your way of thinking and philosophy of life into your everyday work, so it is important to be aligned with your brand’s goals. We at MiND enjoyed getting to know more about Guilherme and are excited for what is to come from him and his team at Oysho!

Interview by Lisa Zanon