Breaking the Paradox of Creativity with Alessandro Garofalo

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MiND talked to Alessandro Garofalo, CEO & Founder of Idee Associate, a company that supports their clients to create innovative products and services. Within the inspiring Fabio Dalla Costa luthier’s workshop in Breganze, Italy, Alessandro takes us through his vision of creativity and methodology, with a special mention to Leonardo Da Vinci, 500 years after his death.

Alessandro Garofalo is first and foremost a nuclear physicist, as he would say, “failed”, because as soon as he graduated, nuclear energy disappeared from Italy and he had to convert to alternative energy. He has always had a passion for scientific research and worked for many years in various companies in the research and development area. During his first trip to Japan, he understood the high capacity of craftsmanship and tradition of Japanese people and their high innovation. This generated in him a short circuit of intuitions. “It was a short circuit of tradition and innovation. I wanted to try to do it alone, to try to live on my own ideas”, he explained.

Alessandro Garofalo at Fabio Dalla Costa Violins in Breganze.

In 1995, Alessandro founded “Idee Associate”, a company that works on creativity and ideas. He is surrounded with a galaxy of people focused on defining characteristics of new products and new services that above all else meet the needs that are not yet expressed by the market.

“The way to success is about having a strong methodological capacity.”

Alessandro wrote a book on this subject where he highlighted more than 50 examples. Beretta and the weapons that do not kill is a paradox. So, designing products or devices that are used in anti-riot situations to highlight criminals, but without hurting people, is a paradox. Mr. Garofalo explains that “a technique for having original ideas is to focus on the paradoxes of problems.”

Exceptional expert of Leonardo da Vinci, Mr. Garofalo told us about Leonardo’s insatiable curiosity for different disciplines. Leonardo was a strong supporter of the methods and had a strong ability to grasp connections, how two phenomena could connect physically or chemically. As Alessandro argues, “we will never become geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci but by applying his rules we can develop greater creativity.”

Interview by: Lisa Zanon & Isabelle James.
Video by: Blank.
Location: Fabio Dalla Costa Violins