Exploring the 3D World of Carlo Cadenas

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MiND talked with Carlo Cadenas, who taught us the secrets about 3D Art and Design. Born in Venezuela, he now lives in Argentina. After studying Graphic Design and Advertising, he decided to combine Typography and Illustration to craft vibrant and stunning visuals.

His colourful and pop 3D Illustrations are his trademark. To create them Carlo starts with pencil/paper for sketching, which is useful when having a complex process like 3D in front. After coming up with his first ideas more clearly, he makes 2D drawings and then he starts the 3D process. But this is not a fixed process: some other times he starts directly with 2D drawings and then on to 3D. The most challenging part in his creative process is finding the concept. Before working on something, he spends most of his time thinking about the right approach and about the concept to develop for commercial or personal works.

I am an “explorer”, a person who moves in constant search for new, relative, significant and insignificant things to enrich my creative perspective to apply to my work and my personal life.

His inspiration comes from the meaningful things in life. He pays attention to the details that most people ignore or don’t notice. He also gets his inspiration from great artists like Gabriel Orozco, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miró, Piet Mondrian, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and also designers like Mirko Ilic, Gerd Leufert, Michel Bouvet, and many more.

His works are characterized by bright colours and fluid forms. Colour plays a great part in his work; Carlo tries to take its meaning over the boundaries, playing with it a lot. When creating organic or geometrical compositions, he usually tries to keep colour meaningful in Design, bold and loose in Art. Art is important in our society because it remembers you that you were not born just to work and sleep, but to be part of the world and of art itself.

Art is everywhere. As human beings, we have the necessity of express ourselves in any way.

The projects he is most proud of are the Nike Running Global and Methodhome USA projects, because he was given the freedom to do what he thought was right for the client. His favorite personal project is The Illustrated Alphabet, an awesome and challenging project. He tells us he has some interesting projects coming up soon, but he can’t tell us much more. One is an editorial illustration for a digital news platform; the other is an animation for a digital channel.

To the young and aspiring artists, Carlo affirms: “this is a profession that demands a lot of patience and discipline. Taking the time to explore as much as necessary, in various fields, can be a very effective tool and will give a broad perspective to understand its processes. Last but not least, read books, watch movies, travel, meet people, try to learn other languages, analyse, be self-critical, have fun, live”.

With these inspiring words, MiND wishes Carlo the best for his future projects and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Interview by Carmen Mc Intosh