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Julie Verhoeven is an artist that needs no introduction. Her diverse body of work expands across fashion, to design, illustration, video performance and creative direction.  She has collaborated on projects with leading luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Versace, and most recently with Marc Jacobs Beauty.  

Julie started off her elaborate career as a design assistant to John Galliano. From there, she relished in many unique experiences and even advanced to taking lead on her own fashion brand, Gibo. Her colourful eye and extravagant attention to detail have earned her an honorary recognition both within the industry and education, as she can sometimes be found encouraging and teaching others at London’s Central Saint Martin’s University.

In recent times, Verhoeven is going back to her roots and working deeper within the art world, positioning herself as MiNDs latest creative inspiration.


What inspires/influences you in your artwork? How do these inspirations translate into your work? – Culture, background, daily life, imagination, people.

JULIE VERHOEVEN:  It’s very basic,  I just respond to shape, colour, texture and sound. I attempt to surround myself with excessive stimuli in the hope that my subconscious will kick in and respond and output.  I like to hustle and bustle, watch people on the move, doing and living and interacting, although I really don’t want to exchange or interact personally myself, just to simply observe.



Being an artist, what is your personal outlook on life?

JULIE VERHOEVEN: Dont waste it! It’s too fleeting and unkindly brief. Without working with this sense of urgency,  I feel the work I produce  will become passive, irrelevant and   impotent


What role does art have in society?

JULIE VERHOEVEN:   It’s a  palette cleanser with a re-set button.


What is the conceptual content of your artwork? What word would you use to describe your work?

JULIE VERHOEVEN: I would like to know, but prefer not to think about it. I also believe that trying to define it kills it too. It’s a primary, emotive response to day to day life, and observations. It’s the nemesis of cerebral, it just speaks without thinking, and hopes to connect, simliar to a toddler!



What piece of your artwork do you most identify with or defines you as an artist?

JULIE VERHOEVEN: Im quite fond of  ‘Bog Troll’, a rather unattractive, faux reed diffuser ‘sculpture’.  It’s one of a few, that I produced as ‘products’ to buy from my toilet attendant performance trolley. The idea was to donate whatever you could afford to charity in return for a velour poo or Bog Troll. The Bog Troll was unanimously, and politely ignored on the whole.  It’s just a question of taste, that’s what interests me aside from boobs and bums.


What would you like achieve/ make people feel when they view your artwork?

JULIE VERHOEVEN:  I’m just happy if they don’t ignore it. An ideal scenario would be to provoke a sexual charge. Keep it basic.


Julie Verhoeven


What do you believe creates a value in art? Aesthetic, craftsmanship, the gallery, relevance to the market, reputation etc.?

JULIE VERHOEVEN: Im still waiting for some kindly person to elaborate, what does indeed create value in art? It really doesn’t interest me a great deal. It must be boring to know, I have to believe that.


How do you see art evolving?

JULIE VERHOEVEN:  I see things returning to miniature art and modesty in art.


Best piece of advice you have ever been given…

JULIE VERHOEVEN: From my Mum, Don’t be a doormat ‘