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Covid-19 forced lockdown, made many companies’ products irrelevant to the times. Some responded by changing their output to products that would help us all navigate the surreal times. 

It has been a year since the initial COVID-19 lockdowns and the beginning of world wide working from home. We’ve all learned during these times how valuable the space in our homes is and that we never have enough of it. Having to create an office in one’s home perhaps in a corner of the dining room table, is undoubtedly a source of stress which both compromises people’s well-being, and limits productivity.

For some professions,  an office meaning a physical place to go to each day, was already outdated but the pandemic has  made us see that an office in that sense isn’t necessary for most of our jobs. Still, every company has the duty to give its workers the tools they need to do their job successfully. Whether at home or anywhere else, people should be put in the best conditions to work and have everything they need to do the work at hand.

An idea of an office in a box recently came out from an Italian retail fixture company, ALU. Covert, as they’ve named it, is a suitcase that turns into a full work station. Deemed a work-from-anywhere solution, this all in one suitcase office offers the possibility for companies to provide their employees with a complete work station that can be set up anywhere and then broken down when its not in use.

ALU Covert.

This is a dream come to true for companies who have been using “for now solutions” to get through. It address so many of the common remote working issues. Investing in such desk could be a smart long term solution over continuous quick fixes to companies’ current remote working setups and solutions.

ALU Covert.

They also provide a “fleet” service for companies who want to outfit their employees with company specific IT equipment or other customizations. They even offer the possibility to have the “office” delivered directly to the employees’ home. This should be of particular interest for those companies that have reduced the number of office spaces than they had prior to the pandemic.

You can learn all about the specifics of COVERT here.

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