LoveTheSign First Concept Store | Interview with Lara Vidotto

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LoveTheSign is an online home design boutique established in 2012 which has grown into a successful multinational company. Engrained with Italian DNA, LovetheSign fuels its passion and style from the origins of product design and expands it into international design.

MiND talked with Lara Vidotto -Art Director of LoveTheSign- about the opening of their first brick-and-mortar location in Padua, Italy.

MiND: Padova welcomes the first LoveTheSign concept store. How does the online blend with the reality of the physical store?

Lara: The physical store is a very interesting hybrid formula, we thought of it as an opportunity to make available two purchasing models that are mostly experienced as opposites. We thought of a solution that could become inclusive of potentials, the real and the virtual both available at the same time.

MiND: How do you select the offer of products on your platform?

Lara: Content of quality, research, recognizable character in the vision of the brand is what we consider essential. It is important that the brand works in an interesting way with the object, with the project and with the images it produces. For us, design is knowledge of history, of production processes, of the great excellences that make it a manifestation of the genius and evolution of man.

MiND: What should the experience be like for the user who enters your store for the first time? What advice would you give him?

Lara: We at LoveTheSign see it as an opening in the ether, the possibility of touching what is usually seen online. At the same time, it is possible to be guided in the visualization of all the other products using the I-wall, and to have suggestions, create combinations for style or for specific furnishing needs.

"Design can enhance all the spaces in which we spend our time, to make them welcoming expressions of identity."

MiND: What prompted you to choose ALU systems for product display in your first offline store?

Lara: A concept store has to tell a story. It has to make you perceive a way of seeing things. In this case, design. While imagining the structures that would contain the products, I took into account the place where they were going to be grafted, in this case between the walls of a historic building in Piazza della Frutta in Padua. Those walls appeared to me as a Sofia Loren, a wonderful piece of history, with a precise date of birth, extraordinarily beautiful even if “with wrinkles”. I thought of a structure that would interact with the context through a dialogue, a song for two voices, in which one completes the other. ALU’s TondoQuadro system is this: it fits in with great sobriety, with an innovative and technical touch, it has its own noteworthy timbre, and it dialogues with the rest of the environment.

MiND: When and how was the TondoQuadro product contextualized in LoveTheSign?

Lara: TondoQuadro has the possibility of staying in spaces without anchoring; it can be adapted to surfaces that vary a lot in both size and arrangement, because it lives well in space even without going to the centimeter. Indeed, in the void it is even more beautiful, like a volume in the volume. This also allows all the next LoveTheSign concept stores to be designed with great flexibility, while maintaining the concept of a “box in the box“: the containing box of the products (the TondoQuadro system by ALU) and the real container that are the physical walls.

"The Concept store is a direct experience that is intertwined with the entire online range, and is supported by expert advice."

ALU TondoQuadro kiosk.

MiND: Among the design systems offered, ALU’s Autopole appears among the new entries. An icon of multifunctional design, Autopole can be placed in any corner of the house. What interpretation would you give it in your home?

Lara: I would like it as an iconic element in an entrance, using it as a bicycle stand. It would be a great thing when I’m out and about enjoying all the benefits of soft mobility and it would be great even with the bike attached. I find it a perfect solution for many uses, but this is what I like best: bicycles can rarely have a desired location in the interior and deserve a space! A space that always makes them ready for use, a more interesting role than ending up in the garage.

With more storefront openings on the horizon for LovetheSign, we wish Lara and her team so much luck for the future of their company.

Click HERE to watch the video and listen to Lara’s insights about LoveTheSign new concept store.

Interview by Lisa Zanon