MiND Explores Fuorisalone

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Fuorisalone is full of exciting and inspiring exhibitions. Milan comes alive and brings together creative minds from all over the world. One reoccurring theme MiND found across many installations was a call to reevaluate the way we use and interact with materials in our lives and their effect on the environment.

Some exhibitions were more subtle and playful while others were explicit calls to action. Design can play an important role in creating a more socially responsible world without sacrificing fashion or comfort.​ This can be seen through some designers’ use of recycled goods, light, sound and wind to re-inspire beauty in old things.


An innovative environment that brings the peace and sounds of nature to a cold industrial space. AGC Asahi work with Motosuke Mandai in creating a soundscape through the use of transparent glass and sound. If you close your eyes standing in front of  the panes of glass, time stops and only sound persists, transporting your mind to a new environment. Suspended in the air, the vibrating glass emits the sounds of birds chirping, waterfalls flowing and other songs of nature. SOUNDSCAPE drowns out the sound pollution of the city and acts as an escape to nature.

SOUNDSCAPE – Ventura Centrale


This display repurposes wooden chairs and tables into larger than life puppets. Stephan Hurlemann made no alterations to the 100 year old wood from their archive except for holes for movement purposes. This interactive installation up-cycles wood into fun sculptures that make you the puppet master. The inspirational journey begins when you see more than a wooden monkey but the individual pieces used to create it.

GIANTS WITH DWARF – Ventura Centrale


Eileen Fisher showcases the unimaginable amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. Her installation includes an arch made of 3 tons of fabric waste. Behind this gateway, she displays her creations made from this waste. Rather than throwing away old clothing, she uses it to give them a new life.  This display calls us to be more mindful of how we see our old wardrobes and how we dispose of them.


Lontananze e affinità (Distance and affinity) weaves together the talents of Antonio Marras and Saba. Industrial design meets the artistic performance and tells the extraordinary charm of the dialogue on art. These two artists reinterpret and re adapt Marras’ New York collection of couches and chairs.  Salone Del Mobile beautifully displays this collection with touches from Saba in the décor. The chairs are hand painted like canvases by Saba with matching table clothes. From the ceiling hangs beautiful repurposed maxi flowers  creating a classy dining environment.

Last but not least, the protagonist of the exposition has been a living statue, made by 100 pleated skirts in all different shades of white, standing 4 meters high. Marras says: “Part of my process is to incorporate what has been unraveled, tossed aside, or unfinished bringing it into new forms” and he perfectly displayed this idea through the use of this medium. It is seen as an evocative installation of the “Biancomangiare”, a Sardinian dessert of Spanish origin adored by the designer, his «madeleine of life».

The wind can blow in many different intensities and directions, with this said, it seems that a few artists and designers, at the Fuorisalone, want to channel it to involve as many participants as possible as part of their installations.


A dynamic and interactive installation that reveals the contemporary aspect of the Preciosa‘s products. They are made for lighting and since 1724 they propose beautiful and magical chandeliers. With this new representation of lights, the company wants to bring light to life through the theme of breathing. The visitors are invited to breath and enjoy the sound and lighting they create. This, literally, breathtaking exhibition shows you how you “sound” and the light that is in you.



Following along with the “wind” theme, Missoni, presents an installation made of plastic to showcase an empirical sensuality moved by the breath of the wind. Wisps of color highlight the collaboration with Rachel Hayes, an American artist. Fans and projectors create this swirling feeling, that encompass the visitor, surrounded by reflection games of light, and sounds. This installation wants to be the kick-off for the new collaboration between Missoni and the American artist but also as a channel of the environmental art.

Fuorisalone challenges artists and designers to evoke emotion from the public and make them think. This year’s installations were inspiring and especially made us think about how we view and interact with the world we live in. We will hold on to the inspiration from Fuorisalone throughout this year, and are looking forward to new inspirations from next year’s Design Week.

The designers and artists that participated, sharing their talents and ideas, deserve a round of applause for their creations.