Sailing Castle

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As a part of the Taiwan Lantern Festival, artist Cheng Tsung Feng created a beautiful installation. Feng’s pavilion, the Sailing Castle, is a wooden structure with sails that interprets scenes viewed on the Donggang Coast.

The Sailing Castle was built with the idea to create the same atmosphere as a church or temple encompassing local and traditional culture. Walking under the sculpture, guests can be overtaken by the sensation that fishermen feel when sailing off or returning home from a voyage. Feng is representing the “prosperity of the fishing industry, communal unity, expectation and joy,” through the Sailing Castle.

“Get on board, set sails, in the breeze, towards the sea. We are about to heading outwards with bravery; we will safely return as well.”
Cheng Tsung Feng

The Taiwan Lantern Festival has been going on annually for three decades. It has captured international attention and is the biggest night event in Taiwan. This festival is currently happening through March 3rd and is expected to welcome 8 to 10 million guests this year. The Sailing Castle will become a part of the park after the end of the festival.