The Black Crows Soul | Chapter 2: Camille Jaccoux

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Co-founder of the independent French free ski brand Black Crows, MiND features Camille Jaccoux in the second chapter of #theBlackCrowSoul. With Camille, we dove deeper into the brand and its progression from start up to well establish brand as well as the future of Black Crows.

Camille Jaccoux. Photo by Layla Kerley.

Camille grew up between Chamonix and La Plagne so it is no surprise that skiing is a part of him. In contrast to his co-founder, Bruno, Camille was an international mogul skier, and later found his happy place in freeride skiing.  While his love for the mountains is insurmountable, he also has a love for electronic music, art, design and fashion.  Some say he has one foot on the mountain and one on the sidewalk, constantly finding his balance. His balancing act has played a big role in the progression of the Black Crows brand, he and Bruno founded in 2006.

Camille Jaccoux. Photo by Julien Regnier.

One of Camille’s first ideas was the brand’s name. The term “Black Crows” alludes to the bird itself. They are capable of flying at high altitudes and provide some company to the alone skiers high in the mountains.

We asked Camille about the foundation of the company. “Since the beginning, we said we were a core brand. We wanted to have the good cost gear and share this pleasure of skiing. We want to be popular in good way. Skiing is pleasure and a luxury. Skiing is an expensive practice. We wanted to make product for us and the small community we were building. We wanted to be in the right market. We wanted to be the brand for basic classic needs.”

“We want Black Crows to be a way of living. It’s a lifestyle.”

The Blackcrows logo was designed by a friend of Camille, Yorgo Tloupas. His chevron design remains prominent in Black Crow products. “We showed the first product in a lunch party in December 2006. Later on, we launched internationally on the ski market in winter 2008.”

Black Crows 2021 Campaign. Photo by Julien Regnier.

This year Black Crows celebrates its 15th anniversary with an exclusive and limited collection of 5 models of historical skis accompanied by some classic textile items and a water bottle all designed by Yorgo Tloupas with the brand’s signature pink. This collection is available in a few iconic stores and on the Black Crows website.

15th Anniversary Limited Edition. Photo by Julien Regnier.

When we asked what the future of the brand will be, Camille explained that Black Crows remains in a niche market and intends to stay there. “We are a sports premium. It is a luxury. We are not going to mass market or lower price.  We must stay creative to stay a core brand. We design and have product made in good factories. We want to take the right space in the market we are in and we are becoming more popular in that market. Which when you are doing thing good, there is no reason not to be popular.”

Camille Jaccoux. Photo by Julien Regnier.

Camille shared that the company is growing significaly this past year. Currently a staff of 20 just growed to 50 people since adding a US team (blackcrows just opened an office in Venice Beach in Los Angeles), a Swiss Team with a new office in Lausanne and the increased popularity of ski touring over slopes and resorts.

“I want challenge ourselves to be more creative.”

“We are a technical brand. You need some functionality and a story. We always try to be well made, functional and with a touch of style. Generally, for our product, we try to find the technical purpose for it and not only to just make something. Of course, it’s a challenge because our range is growing but the most it will be is key ski wear and lifestyle collection.”

Camille Jaccoux. Photo by Julien Regnier.

Blackcrows installed a temporary shop in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris. The 60m2 boutique will be renewed several times during the season and you can discover the entire blackcrows 21-22 collection until April 30, 2022.

Black Crows temporary shop in Paris.

Currently they are increasing the categories and ranges of the products they offer including clothing and lifestyle products. “My role is mostly brand marketing, to drive the brand and content. I took direction to develop this brand, design jackets and expand our range.”

Black Crows apparel collection.

Over the next few years, Camille believes Black Crows will hit its maximum volume in skis to stay in there core market, and they are launching other product categories in the spirit of the brand. “We don’t need to make tons of product. We will never be everywhere because it’s not the positioning of the brand.” Keeping the brand core and within its current market is the focus for Black Crows’ future.

Camille Jaccoux. Photo by Julien Regnier.

Thank you Camille for being part of #theBlackCrowSoul second chapter, we cannot wait to see what comes next!

Interview by Elena Parise & Lisa Zanon
Photo Credits: Layla KerleyJulien Regnier