The Captivating World of Arben Vllasaliu

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From the Republic of Kosovo but based in Basel, Switzerland, freelance visual and 3D artist Arben Vllasaliu creates video animations that stimulate our brains and are incredibly satisfying to watch. MiND had the opportunity to delve into his creative process and the background behind these mesmerizing artworks.

Arben Vllasaliu

Arben grew up in a family of artists, and therefore discovered he had a passion for art early on in life. After graduating in graphic design, he immediately started to practice and develop his skills by working in different companies. With over 10 years of graphic design experience, he is now focusing on his own artistic projects.

“I post my loop animations on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, and I have had many positive reviews from people all over the world that enjoy my satisfying videos.”

Can you explain your design process?

I actually don’t have a strict working process or schedule. I prefer to work whenever I feel like I am able to create good and creative work. So I just turn on my computer and drawing tablet and I start jumping from one application to the other. My art is kind of a mixture of expressionism and surrealism, but I can say it’s more of an abstract style.


Your creations are sensational and very satisfying. How do you come up with the concepts and where do you get inspiration from?

My creations are not everybody’s cup of tea! And I feel kind of bad for people who can’t enjoy the perfectionism. Sometimes my OCD gets pretty high, so I had to do something to stimulate it, and I couldn’t find a better way than creating video animations! For me, inspiration comes from everywhere, for example, reading, watching movies and playing games on my smartphone are always inspirational to me.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

Definitely the numbers and maths behind it. It sometimes happens that I get completely lost in a project, and all I can see is random values and coordinates in the software.


Many of your creations use bright colours. What does colour signify for you?

They say “the devil is in the details” and I really want to show his face by brightening everything up! I like to experiment with colors, sometimes I use extremely desaturated tones, and sometimes I like my art to be sharp, saturated and high contrast.

What are some of your favorite projects that you have worked on?

I have worked on many different projects such as on personal, commercial, experimental projects and so on, but I can say that my favorite project in 2019 was definitely the exhibition of my animation that was displayed on the “One Times Square” building in Times Square, New York City! It was an awesome feeling seeing my artwork on top of that huge building – especially for an artist like me who is from a very small country such as Kosovo.

Currently, I’m working on a project for WACOM which will be launched within the next two months and which I hope the viewers will enjoy.

One Times Square project

What do you feel is art’s role in society?

In today’s busy society, I think that art enhances relaxation, stirs the imagination and creates enjoyment in people’s lives. It feels like an accomplished mission for me when I read messages that my videos are helping people who struggle with stress and anxiety!


What advice do you have for young and aspiring artists?

Don’t be afraid to see what’s on the page 2 when you search on Google, try to use knowledge resources as much as you can. And always believe in yourself and your talent!

Head over to Arben’s Instagram to check out more of his hypnotic videos!

By: Isabelle James