The Himba Collection at Palazzo Roberti

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Libreria Palazzo Roberti –one of the most renowned and beautiful bookshops in Italy– is hosting “The Himba Collection”, a solo show, dedicated to Namibia’s indigenous population, by Harry De Zitter – a famous name in advertising photography of the ’90s.

From the left: Lavinia Manfrotto, Elena Cornacchia, Veronica Manfrotto, Harry De Zitter, Abramo Manfrotto, Lorenza Manfrotto.  Photo credit: Marco Tortato

The Manfrotto family held the vernissage of Harry’s exhibition at their bookshop in Bassano del Grappa, where, on behalf of the family, Lavinia Manfrotto introduced the artist with touching and emotional words, highlighting their truly unique bond with him. For over 40 years now, photography brought Harry a very special relationship with the Manfrotto patriarch, Lino- who lives on in Harry’s stories and through his work.

Lavinia Manfrotto.  Photo credit: Marco Tortato

The Belgian photographer, who grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, proudly attended the opening of his exposition, expressing his admiration and trust for the family, so immense that he wants them to, in his own words, “be custodians of his work to be shared with generations of people to come”.

“To have the honor to show this at Palazzo Roberti and be associated with the Manfrotto family really means a lot to me.”

Project layout by ALU’s Creative Department.  Photo credit: Harry De Zitter

Following a specific order, visitors can take a deep look at the Himba population –one of the last semi nomadic tribes in Namibia– through the display of 20 black and white pictures that capture them in their purest and rawest state. Through his camera lens, Harry explores the faces, customs and practices of this ancient population, revealing his ability to capture the depth of the human being.

TondoQuadro display for The Himba Collection.

Beyond the art on display, visitors can walk around the frescoed room and be fascinated by the lights of ALU’s TondoQuadro linear set-up, which, in contrast with the surrounding environment, enhances the beauty of the photographs in a unique way. It was a intimate evening, with Vittorio Capovilla and Alvise Ennas personally preparing their special agricultural rum, and the artist signing his poster on a shiny black piano while chatting with interested and curious people.

The Himba Collection at Libreria Palazzo Roberti.

With the patronage of the City of Bassano del Grappa, the support of ALU for the exhibition, of Vitec Solution and of the Manfrotto and Gitzo brands, the exhibition is becoming a howling success!

Don’t hesitate to go and visit this artistic masterpiece open until January 6th, 2019!

By: Lisa Zanon