The Icelandic Dream by Johannes Torpe

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The Red Mountain Resort is being acknowledged for its unique interpretation and embodiment of the mystique Icelandic landscape.

With this design proposal, Johannes Torpe Studios has been awarded a Commendation in the Retail & Leisure, at the 2018 Awards, on Wednesday, the 14th of March in Cannes.

Offering stunning views between a volcano, rivers, and glaciers, The Red Mountain Resort is camouflaged in its surroundings, stimulating mostly hidden senses and exposing guests to an uncontaminated nature.

The project includes a fairy hotel with a magnificent spa, offering multiple experiences and taking inspiration from the Bárður Saga. You can find wind tunnels, ice pools, fire baths and even steam rooms, symbolic of the fog that arises in the saga.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is a lagoon that surrounds the Resort and extends to the river. During your stay, you can literally immerse yourself in the nature and peacefully discover your surroundings.

With a fearless approach, the designers wanted to create a timeless experience, using historical techniques that could meld the architecture with the landscape in the best capacity.