The Impact of Colors in Yoni Alter’s Graphic Art

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Yoni Alter is an Israeli graphic artist with a strong love for vivid colors. He started his studies in Bezalel, Jerusalem’s Art and Design academy. David Tartakover’s – known for his political posters and was awarded the Israel Prize for design- course on poster design inspired Yoni on creating compositions using graphics. 

London was a turning point in Yoni’s life. In 2006 he started a MA at the London College of Communication. After his studies he started working in the advertising field, continuing at the same time to create his own works and sharing it with the world through internet and exhibitions. After some time, he decided to quit his job and started working as an independent graphic artist.

His inspirations come not only from the environment he lives in, as London is quite an eclectic city, but also from Instagram accounts such as Minimal & Contemporary or from contemporary art and architecture galleries.

Yoni says that “the ideas that I follow when creating are minimalism, simplicity and complexity, perception, abstraction, iconography and formalism. Experimentation is a keyword in my vocabulary, making me look for new ways of creating visual representations. My projects can differ from one to another as I have a curious nature and enjoy working with different materials and on different scales, observing how materials, techniques and tools react with each other.”

His artwork is easily recognizable thanks to the impactful colors he uses. To Yoni, colors are everything. He never gets tired of creating and looking at colorful work. This love comes from the first time he used Microsoft Paint and he discovered that he could color a page with just a click. Before this, he used to fill whole sheets of unused architectural drawings with solid colors with marker pens.

Style: graphic, colourful, clean. And if I need to sum up my work than I'd say fun, fun to work on and hopefully fun for the viewer.

He collaborated with the Tate Museum in London to create a line of accessories for the gift shop, and also with Karl Lagerfeld, creating a whole collection with his colorful touch.

At the moment, he is working and experimenting with a new 3D puzzle with many prototypes.It’s always disappointing when he finds out that it’s still not perfect and another prototype will be required and then another one and so on. A similar long and challenging process was when he developed his sneaker puzzle. All the parts had to fit together and stay in place and stay true to his vision, making it much harder with real objects than with 2D graphics.

His advice for young aspiring graphic artists is to “enjoy what you do, be curious, be positive, push yourself to try and produce work that you wouldn’t expect yourself to be producing, experiment, take advantage of all the production capabilities that are available these days, if something doesn’t work, then make it work”.

We are curious to find out what new exciting projects will come out of this brilliant and colorful mind. Something that will definitely stupefy.

Interview by Carmen Mc Intosh