The Ironic Collazes of Cinzia Aze

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Cinzia Aze is an Italian photographer and collage artist, who creates surreal and entertaining ‘collazes’ – a mix of collage and Aze – made from Polaroid photos, which she describes as an explosion of creativity and experimentation. Read on to find out more about her individual style and quirky pieces!

Cinzia studied at art school, specialising in architecture and interior design. She explains that she has always loved discovering and learning about the history of art. Though she has always been passionate about photography, her love for collage only developed within the last 4 years. Nowadays, she is combining these two passions, with some incredible results.

“I often combine photography and collage and this is the best mix for me.”

The process of creating one of her works is largely experimental. Cinzia explains that she buys different types of magazines and books, finding images and graphics to cut out and start to put together. Using any materials that she finds interesting, such as paper, fabric, stamps and sequins, her collages are truly mesmerizing to look at.

As well as finding inspiration from the materials she finds, Cinzia is inspired by famous painters and other works of art, from portraits, to collages, and illustrations. Even a quick browse on Instagram and Pinterest is enough to get her mind whirring.

She tells us that she dedicates at least 3 hours a day to working on her collages, either looking for good subjects, editing her archive of existing collages, and more often to prepare new works.

“I love that my artworks are ironic, shocking and colourful.”

Cinzia says that her collages are usually always creative and exuberant, and to summarize her style in one word, she chooses “ironic”.

The most challenging part of her work is preparing the exhibits, however she also mentions that this is also the most beautiful part and that it’s all part of the game. “I don’t find it heavy, challenging yes, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

We wanted to know if she has any future projects in the pipeline, and she explained that she is always writing down ideas for new projects and creative ideas. She lets her ideas transport her, and says that she never knows what’s coming in the future, and that it’s always a surprise. For the time being, Cinzia is taking a break from working on collages and going back to her photographic roots. We’re excited to discover the new projects!

According to Cinzia, art is extremely important in society, and she believes that the study of the history of art should concern all of us.

“We should not all be artists, but we should all have the reading tools for the artworks and benefit from the beauty that derives from them.”

When asked what advice she would give to young aspiring artists, she says it’s important to always be curious, to experiment in order to find your own unmistakable style, and naturally not to give up in the face of failure.

We at MiND were fascinated to find out more about Cinzia’s creative mind and artworks, and wish her the best of luck in all of her future projects. Head over to her instagram to discover more of her collazes!

By: Isabelle James