Watercolor Femininity coming to Life | Ekaterina Koroleva

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Berlin-based Ekaterina Koroleva is dedicated to fashion illustration and has given her own bold yet elegant touch to femininity in the images she creates. She has collaborated with design agencies around the world on various commissioned projects such as packaging designs, fashion editorials as well as advertising campaigns.

MiND wanted to explore more about this watercolor feminine world.

header photo credits Thomas Neukum

photo credits Thomas Neukum

Born in Russia, she moved to East Berlin in 1985. She grew up in a creative environment, while her mother taught Art at the Russian embassy school. Her interest in drawing started at a very young age, starting painting lessons at the age of 11. She also spent her time dancing at the Friedrichstadt-palast for 9 years, “where I was surrounded by beautiful costumes and amazing stage sets, long female legs and I guess that influenced my focus on female figures a lot”. She graduated in Graphic Design in 2008.

Ekaterina Koroleva – Berlin map

Her design process is based on traditional media: she uses ink, watercolor and sheets of paper to create her feminine designs. “I enjoy working with ink a lot. It is a very unpredictable material that is very hard to control so I can never be sure what is coming out in the end which makes it super interesting. I never know exactly how the illustration will look like”. She also gets inspiration from fashion photography, where colors and composition are fundamental to the creation of a great photograph.

photo credits Beatrice Grundheber

Ekaterina’s designs are full of color and femininity, aspects that play an important part in her creative process. Her illustrations express a certain mood and feeling through gestures, poses and color harmony.

I am hoping to bring another view on femininity to the people in Germany and be proud of having feminine attributes and style.

Ekaterina Koroleva – Citrus, Jardin series 2017

In 2014 she was part of a project called #onthedraw, where seven European artists were invited to spend one week on one of the Canary Islands with a local artist and create an illustrated diary, document their stay and impressions in 5 travel posters. She flew to Lanzarote where she spent time exploring the island accompanied by Nuria Meseguer with an analogue camera and a sketchbook.

Ekaterina Koroleva – Kimono series 2017

Art is communicating ideas, opinions and political/cultural statements of the society we are living in, in a visual form that everybody understands.

To Ekaterina art is an important part of life and society, changing the perspective we have on the things that surround us. It is a very personal dialogue with the community and explores different perceptions of reality. This is the reason she chose illustration over graphic design as it has a more powerful impact on people, and because she believes “in the emotional power of strong images that can change people’s mindset on a very intimate level”.

Interview by Carmen Mc Intosh & Lisa Zanon