Back to Nature with MiND

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Sustainability is about nature. Conserving the World’s beauty, it’s about renewability, innovation, discovery and exploration, protecting our future generations. Sustainability is Living!

Starting from the 11th of January, MiND will be publishing an original sustainable series, enlightening readers on the ethical values and operations behind the creative minds and influencers of brands who experience and witness firsthand, the life of the Great Outdoors.

The project will kick off with a dedicated tribute to the avid adventurer- Douglas Tompkins to celebrate his legacy and conservational triumphs, one year since his death that shook the world and left a hole in our hearts.

Expect to read inside exclusives from pioneering and emerging brands such as Patagonia -the trademark of all things ethical,Vaude who emphasises the relation between nature and family values, and evolving brand, Heimplanet who delves deep into new technologies and exciting research methods …plus much more!

This green edition of MiND will also feature the uplifting and inspirational words of Rolf Schmid, former CEO of Mammut and President of the European Outdoor Group to talk further about his personal ethical endeavors in industries beyond the outdoors and to also put a true meaning to the motto “Sharing is Caring”.

Each article will provide an evoking, insightful and personal story behind the brand, full of innovative and stimulating ideas which will make you want to stop what you’re doing behind the desk and run to the outdoors!