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Kicking off in time for Salone in Milan, MiND will be publishing an ‘Artist of the Week’ exclusive series: A journey through the mind of some of today’s best creatives in the art industry.  

Art has been celebrated and cherished throughout MiND since the beginning, dating back to  2009 as a printed magazine. Vibrant editions in tribute to, or created by artistic talents were proudly presented on the front covers and throughout. We continue to view art as a constant source of inspiration, something that our interviewees feel strongly about as well. The aim of this project is to give readers a glimpse of visual inspiration and a new found appreciation for art innovations within retail and design.


MiND will be publishing an original artistic series,  to seek and support the work of emerging and iconic artists, calling upon some of the most talented and respected MiNDs from across the globe. We delve into their creative and personal outlooks on life, their colourful background stories and upcoming projects – full of innovative and stimulating insights you won’t want to miss!

From handcrafted sculptors, bespoke illustrators and emotional installations to technology connoisseurs– there will be no limit to the creativity witnessed throughout this series. Prepare to have your eyes amazed on MiND.