£10m Makeover for Sports Direct Flagship in London

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It’s 50,000 sq ft, has a hologram of a football at its entrance and a sports bra fitting service, among many other things. The newly reopened (today) Sports Direct flagship on Oxford Street shows what is possible when you spend around £10m on an existing store and give it a root and branch revamp.

The outcome is a ‘digital first’ store, sorta. Yes, there are a lot of screens in this one and there are certainly a good number of interactive elements, but this is still a mass market, relatively low-price vehicle that happens to be more brightly lit than in its previous avatar.

Sports Direct says that this is the forerunner to opening flagships in a number of major cities across Europe, a strategy that does look a little like the kind of thing that Primark has been doing for some time. You have to imagine that they will want to let the dust settle on this one first, although it’s a tricky thing to be asking shoppers to come to London’s West End, at a moment when Covid continues to keep most potential customers shopping local and the tourists have yet to be allowed to return.


Pics: Sports Direct