519 Verona | An Interview with Store Owner Marta de Megni

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MiND talked to Marta de Megni, owner of 519 store about her new space in the heart of Verona, Italy.  From a 200 sqm shop to a 80 sqm ever changing space, Marta explains how last year she transitioned to a new and better way of working.

Marta fell in love with a new space and decided to create an extraordinary shop where all items are displayed as if in a showroom. Most of her selection is made of unique pieces and special collections by exceptional designers that she refers to as artists. Every piece in the store is gender free.

How does your store differ from other stores?

I would like to give my customers a choice of unique and timeless items for life and not related to current fashion. Therefore the product selection makes the difference as well as the relationships that we create and maintain with the client.

We put all of this in an easy-going place where people can feel comfortable. That’s why we use curtains, so each person that’s coming in the shop can feel like they are in a private environment as if they are at home.

How is the brand’s concept reflected in the interior store design?

All of the brands don’t have logos. They are made of quality materials. They are versatile and don’t follow any fashion rules. Even if with a refined design, they are easy to wear if you like that style. The interior store design is exactly like this. I think it really reflects my soul.

What prompted you to choose ALU systems for product display?

I was searching for something new that has never been seen before, something not static but simple at the same time. I have been a fan of ALU from the very beginning of my career. I love their display systems because they can change with you. They follow you and your store needs without compromises. I always have new inspirations and the way you can use ALU systems is perfect for that! They fit to your products and the store set-up can be rearranged every day… that’s amazing!

How often do you change the set-up of the space? 

Almost once a week. In a fashion store, the products change often and the sales periods are more intense depending on how much product is on the way. Depending on what arrives and what I want to show, I change the set-up and it seems like a new shop every week. It’s gorgeous!

As Marta explains, reducing the square meters of your shop does not necessarily mean reducing the amount of merchandise on display. By adding modular display solutions, you have the opportunity to change the store set-up every day, always displaying new merchandise. We at MiND wish Marta and her team so much luck for the future of their company and their new store.

Photos by Sofia Fernandez Stenström.
Interview by Lisa Zanon