7-Eleven Gets Peanuts Makeover in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s Mongkok district and (relatively) nearby Macau are the settings for four themed 7-Eleven convenience stores, three of them are in Mongkok, aimed at celebrating the 70th birthday of strip cartoon Peanuts, while raising awareness of the retailer’s redemption programme. The stores have all been given a top-to-toe graphic treatment featuring characters from the long-running cartoon and a number of products in the stores have also been themed, from lunchboxes to pet products.


The real point about what has been done here, other than the fact that this is a bright and cheerful way of changing the appearance of a store, is that the effect is every bit as engaging as any kind of in-store digital campaign. It just happens to be a lot cheaper.

In the current climate, graphic-based fairly traditional ways of catching the eyes of passing shoppers can frequently be ignored, but if nothing else, this one proves that done well it is still worth considering.