A Barcelona Market for Solebox

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Solebox, the German sneaker retailer based in Berlin, has selected Barcelona as the location for its latest store, joining outposts in Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, Brussels and its home city.

Like the other stores operated by the outfit, this is a one-off selling a broad selection of branded sports fashion footwear and in this instance the store is an imitation of one of Barcelona’s covered markets, right down to branded green plastic crates and tins of tomatoes.

The idea of cementing a relationship between a new store and its host city is one that is regularly cited as being important when it comes to making an impact and it’s actually quite hard to see how Solebox could have done much more in this respect.

It also happens to look pretty good and if sneakers are sought, and perhaps even if they are not, this one should draw the crowds.

Pics: Sneakerbox