A Curious Offering from Google

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Google has opened a pop-up in London, called ‘The Curiosity Rooms’, at the point where Regent Street meets Piccadilly and during its brief life, it will be in existence until December 16th, it is intended to promote the merits of the tech giant’s Pixel 3 handset.

This would be business as normal for most brands and retailers perhaps, but the point about this one is that while links are made to the phone throughout the three-floor space, it is the programme of events that really matters, with everything from a ‘Maker’s Studio’ to talks and music.

And it would be hard to miss, given that the windows on one side of this corner site are devoted to a pink launderette, while on the other it’s a psychedelic carwash in which the largely millennial crowd who visit the store can take the almost inevitable selfie.

A shop that isn’t really a shop then, but to judge by the crowds visiting at the weekend, the brand aura and message that surrounds the Pixel 3 will be readily understood by all visitors.