A.D.S.R. makes more of less

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Open for just over a week, A.D.S.R. (short for ‘Attack’, ‘Decay’, ‘Sustain’, ‘Release’), the Japanese eyewear brand, has opened its first standalone store in its home city of Osaka.

The point about most eyewear stores is that they take the matter of selling the relatively small in a large area seriously, but this example perhaps shows that tendency at its logical extreme. The presentation of these fashionable-looking glasses is minimalist in approach and initially the gaze settles almost entirely on the store itself. The latter is a thing of severe symmetry with all of the perimeter fixtures and mid-shop equipment being one height: 1.1m.

Concealed lighting around the perimeter gives the shop a suffused glow and plain wood flooring and mirrored surfaces make this a visual exploration. All of which means that when the eye finally does settle on the stock, the many different shapes and colours stand out in sharp contrast to the surroundings.