A Day at the Volvo Studio | Interview with Anna Hartelius

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MiND Magazine was invited to the official launch of the new Volvo XC40 at the Volvo Studios in Milan. We sat down with Anna Hartelius, the Director of Brand, Marketing and Creative Strategy, where she talks us through Volvo’s latest astonishing innovations.

Anna, with a background in sociology, psychology and advertising, enjoys working at Volvo, where people are at the core of the company. In particular, she describes to us her favorite marketing campaign Made by People from 2016: “We might come from different places, have different backgrounds; we might look different, have different perspectives on life, but coming together makes Volvo a better place to work, with better products. For me, that is a real strength.”

Volvo’s safety and innovation features are taken to the greatist imaginable scale. The new XC40, designed for the Millennials, can be shared with the family thanks to a digital key. And the Care by Volvo program enables the owners to have their insurance paid for, their car fueled up or online shopping delivered to their vehicle.

Anna Hartelius | Director of Brand, Marketing and Creative Strategy at Volvo Cars

This is the evidence that the automotive industry is going through massive changes. As Anna argues, these are exciting times to be Volvo. “We are nimble enough to fully embrace this change, and be part of the forces that are pushing our industry further, responding quicker to new needs and trends”.

By Marchetti Martina
Credits to Lara Peviani Videomaker and Volvo Cars Italia.