A Feline Space in Shanghai

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Some might consider pets to be brutes, but creating a pet shop from a classic piece of concrete brutalism is something different again.

The new Pidan store in Shanghai is a pet store like no other and the retailer has made the maximum use of what is known as 1933 Laoyangfang, a piece of 30s brutalism where the base material, concrete, curves and winds, meaning an eye-catching structure, internally and externally.

To emphasize the 100 sq m interior, a series of metal sheets with holes punched into them have been employed to divide up the space, creating internal walls and leading to the concrete pillars that define this architectural showpiece. Mirrors, which fill the back wall, have also been used, visually enlarging the store and adding to the contrast between the sheen of the metal and the dull matt tones of the concrete.



As far as the merchandise is concerned, this one is all about cats with stock for felines, as well as a number of the creatures that are allowed to roam free around the shop.