A Flash of Yellow, a Dash of Hot Pink. Flash Coffee, Singapore

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Another day, another coffee shop, except that the freshly brewed Flash Coffee flagship in Singapore deserves rather more than a double shot of cynicism.

What makes this one different is immediately apparent: it’s yellow. Or rather, it’s a really bright yellow with a hot pink flash icon picking up on the brand’s name and positioned directly above the central servery. The Flash Coffee name itself is outlined, as is the lighting, in bright white neon and that’s about it. Yet it is enough to stop almost any passer-by and being located in Orchard Gateway, on Orchard Road, there will be quite a few of these.

All of which does to show that a single colour deployed with an unwavering conviction across the whole of an interior suffices to make a very bold statement indeed. There are 20 Flash Coffee outposts in Singapore, but this one will probably garner the most praise.


Pics: Flash Coffee