A Gentle Monster Invades the Mall of the Emirates

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As a brand, eyewear brand Gentle Monster has featured from time to time in MiND and deservedly so. This is an outfit that knows that the business of being visually ‘heard’ is at the heart of any physical initiative when it comes to setting up a shop and the latest store, a 3,163 sq ft branch in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, is absolutely in line with this form of thinking.

Kinetic sculptures, the mix of minimalism and severe modernism make this the kind of thing that does catch the eye. This is in fact Dubai’s second Gentle Monster outpost (the other is in The Dubai Mall) and some of the now familiar graphic hallmarks are present, not least the elderly lady who has appeared in other stores in a variety of forms ranging from an image on a lightbox to a 3D robot with a midriff consisting of a bundle of electronic cables and metal cranks.

There is, of course, the matter of selling the merchandise, but given that this one will definitely have the ability to pull shoppers across the threshold, it seems probable that this will follow.

Pics: Gentle Monster