A Giant Fortnum & Mason Hamper

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Any brand worth the label has something that is intimately associated with it and in the case of very upscale grocer Fortnum & Mason the object in question is probably a picnic hamper.

With this in mind, F&M has installed a giant hamper in the middle of the concourse in the glossy surroundings of London’s St Pancras station. From a logo lit with white light, to the leather strap on the top of the wicker structure, this is an accurate replica of what shoppers will pay a lot of money for when they head down to the flagship store on Piccadilly.

In this instance, however, this is a piece of field marketing and if travellers have the time, they can pause and enjoy a free glass of fruit-infused water and a biscuit – acting as an advert for the F&M store that is less than 100m distant along the concourse. And if visiting the St Pancras branch doesn’t appeal, there are signs, in the retailer’s signature aquamarine colour, on the back of the hamper detailing direction and distance to all of the other stores in the F&M portfolio.

Pictures: John Ryan