A Greener Shoe Shop from Görtz

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Boasting Europe’s largest ‘green’ fascia, a tiered affair that looks a little like a verdant ziggurat, the exterior of the new Görtz shoe shop in Dusseldorf is impressive in its own right and will have shoppers taking pictures quite irrespective of what lies within.

What is interesting about this multi-floor store, however, is the fact that while it is highly modern and at the same time boasts a sustainable materials palette, digital very obviously takes second place to the physical reality. This is not a ‘hybrid’ store in the sense of the term that is frequently becoming a default. Instead human interaction is encouraged  (although there are sundry screens within the store).

All of which would equate to something of an experience in itself, but the 1,200 sq m spread across three floors also boasts space for second-hand fashion and a café, courtesy of local operator Mr Ben’s. In total, this is a lot more than a simple footwear emporium: an eyecatcher.

Pics: Goertz / Philip Kistner