A Half-Timbered Primark

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The ancient city of Strasbourg is home to ‘Petite France’, an area in its centre filled with ‘fachwerk’ buildings. Translated, this means structures that have wooden frames, visible from the outside, around which the rest of the building is put together and it’s a hallmark of both Alsace and a medieval heritage.

With this in mind perhaps, discount fashion retailer Primark has just opened a store that features an external faux wooden framework, in a nod to nearby Petite France. This is in fact a four-floor affair and like every branch of the Irish concern that has opened in recent years, within it pays homage to its location in the form of graphics that not only spell out the city, but which also take elements of its architecture to lift the interior environment.

It also happens to look pretty good. This may be a modern building, but the creative use of design means that it can blend with Strasbourg and what it’s about.