A New Look for Pantaloons

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Starting a new fashion format with a blank canvas is a tough call at the best of times but doing so in the middle of a pandemic might look a bridge too far. Yet that is what Indian retailer Pantaloons has been doing over the last few months as it rolls out a format developed with design consultancy Daziel & Pow to cities across the subcontinent including Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore, and Lucknow.

At its heart, the new look revolves around the idea of the store as a stage or flexible canvas, allowing the retailer to create a constant sense of newness as collections come into the store. Practically, this means a digital storefront, with a number of screens, fractured ceilings overhead in parts of the store while, in other areas large translucent disks act as focal points.

In the kids department a hot air balloon is the major attraction, while the cosmetics and lifestyle (aka homewares) zones have also been given a makeover in line with the notion of a performance.

As much as anything else, this is about making shopping an engaging experience once again.