A New, Neutral Concept from Bershka in Udine

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The new Bershka store in Udine is not only housed in the city’s historic centre, in the Palazzo Gatti Bardelli, but is also a thing of some beauty in its own right.

Technology does play a part in this one with the self-checkout areas consisting of a series of curved booths and affording each shopper a degree of privacy. There are also LED screens carrying news dotted around the store’s three floors (two for women and one for men), but it is probably the highly neutral nature of the colour scheme that does the work as far as creating an atmosphere is concerned.

The idea is simple. By allowing much of the store to fade into the background, the stock can do the talking…and it works. This is also a branch into which the merchandise has not been crammed, creating a feeling of spacious luxury, even if the ticket prices indicate otherwise.

Pics: Bershka