A New Page For Gucci in New York

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What do you go to Gucci for? Clothes, obviously, but why not also beat a path to the fashion brand’s door to pick up a few fashion magazines, cultural books and limited-edition volumes? Gucci has in fact opened a bookshop-in-shop in its emporium on SoHo’s Wooster Street in New York.

The proposition is remarkably straightforward. Take a good looking-interior, complete with the cast-iron pillars that characterise the buildings in this part of the city, and then improve it by adding dark wood library-style shelving, reclaimed, along the perimeter and some mid-century leather seating in the mid-shop.

The space occupies a sufficiently discrete area within the shop for it to function as a bookstore in its own right and the counter at which purchases can be made does have a lot in common with a library.

This is yet another example of a big brand famous for one thing trying its hand at another and seeing how far its credentials can be expanded. Just don’t expect the latest novels or classic reads – it’s really not what this is about.