A New Ritual for Amsterdam

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As the pandemic rages across Europe, it does rather feel that we’re all intent on looking good as we self-isolate, if the number of high-profile beauty store openings is anything to go by. Hot on the heels of the Freshly cosmetics store in Madrid┬ácomes a flagship from Rituals, the Dutch beauty brand and retailer.

This one is a flagship and you can tell it’s important because this is the House of Rituals. It’s in central Amsterdam, in a space previously occupied by Esprit, and it’s four floors cover 1500 sq. The ground and first floors are straightforward retail with around 600 Rituals products and a series of highly merchandised displays that equate to a visual overload. The aim is to slow shoppers down, according to the company, and to this end there is an Asian-themed restaurant as part of the mix.

The top two floors, when they open, will be a Rituals Wellness centre with two spas, which should fit well with the product proposition beneath them.

There is much to commend about the House of Rituals, if only for its ability to take shoppers’ minds off what’s happening more generally.