A.P.C. Offers Two Stores as One in Amsterdam

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Paris-based designer brand A.P.C. has opened a standalone store in Amsterdam which is, in effect, two separate stores in the same building: one for men and one for women. The difference between the two is made clear by the use of colour, with a petrol blue wash demarcating the men’s showroom, while beige is used for the women’s ‘store’, with each having discrete entrances from the street.

Yet although the paint may serve to put distance between the two, the interior design from Laurent Deroo manages to keep things together thanks to the use of slatted wood and metal in both areas, meaning that A.P.C. in fact functions as a single store with separate doors for the different offers.

Housed in a brick-built block, there is in fact a distinctly utilitarian feel about the whole and as far as Amsterdam is concerned it has just one store in this location…

Pictures: A.P.C. Hicham Louazna