A Pair of Arkets for Seoul

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Keeping a brand exclusive is always tricky if you start opening multiple stores in the same city, yet better-end label Arket, from H&M, seems to be treading that fine line successfully, following its first store openings in Asia, both in Seoul.

The brand actually started life on Regent’s Street in London in 2017 and since that time it has appeared in cities across Europe. For its Seoul debut, a two-pronged strategy was adopted with the first being a shop-in-shop in the giant affair that is The Hyundai Seoul, a department store, and the second, a standalone branch in the city’s Gangnam district.

The latter is actually housed in a six-story block and is set to welcome its first shoppers later this week, while the shop-in-shop outpost opened at the end of last month. The pair take account of the fact that Seoul shoppers might be divided into those who frequent department stores and those who seek out standalone shops.

In terms of making an impact on a new market, this is an interesting approach and one that should win favour in the South Korean capital.

Images courtesy of Arket