A Pared Back Beijing Aesthetic

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What’s the best thing to do with a former military complex in an unfashionable part of Beijing? Obviously, turn it into an arts district and make sure that a few suitably fashionably modish retailers take up residence along the way.

One of the latest to follow this path in the Chinese Capital’s Dashanzi Art District is T-P Product, a local fashion label that is giving some of the arrivals from overseas a run for their money. This 350 sq m, three floor store is an exercise in minimalism of the kind that almost invites the visitor to find the stock, so sparingly is it arranged around the perimeter of this concrete, wood and steel interior.

In order to soften things a little, there are what appear to be almost crop-like plantations along the edges of the concrete walkway that flanks the staircase formed of the same material. These are rice plants – subtly making a reference to the location and as in all good minimalist stores, the interior landscape is a thing of planes and intersecting lines.

On the roof, above the store’s three floors, the approach is similarly pared back with low-level lighting accenting the furnishings. Nothing is out of place, largely because nothing much is in place.