A Point of Difference. Silpo in Kiev

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Retailers are always in search of a point of difference, but when it comes to creating a modular chain of shops, few actually manage much at individual branch level.

Ukrainian supermarket Silpo, part of the curiously named Fozzy Group, really does take the notion of difference seriously, however, with every store in its estate being themed. The latest to open is in Kiev and takes windmills as the starting (and ending) point for its store design.

Shoppers visiting this store will be confronted by windmills that are in fact kinetic sculptures (in a dizzying array of patterns next to the checkouts, for the most part), graphics illustrating windmills and a broad colour palette, called into action for the purpose.

Quite how this is intended to encourage customers to head off on a food shopping mission, rather than just being amazed/bemused at this interior, is anybody’s guess, but there can be little doubt that like all of the other Silpo stores, this one does put its head above the parapet by being different.

Pics: Silpo