A Second Concepts Store for New York

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Concepts, the Boston MA streetwear and sneaker boutique, has opened its second store in New York City, in Manhattan’s Union Square neighbourhood.

This is a 2,500 sq ft affair and as well as having entrances at either end, there is a pavilion in the middle of the shop, home to an edited selection of footwear, while one end of the shop also has a wall devoted to boards for skaters.

The bulk of the stock is in fact displayed on the perimeter walls in a simple three-tiered manner for the shoes and with suspended side hanging rails for the apparel. The mid-shop pavilion notwithstanding, the rest of the shop, away from the walls, is about seating and room to move.

All of which might lead the shopper to conclude that this is a distinctly aspirational interior and with brands such as Stussy, Canada Goose and Jordan, this would be broadly correct.