A Standalone Restaurant from RH

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Restoration Hardware (or RH as it is currently known), the California-based furniture and homewares retailer (not a word it would readily recognise as it believes that it operates galleries and cultural spaces) has opened a new, in its home state’s Napa Valley.

This store, in Yountville, does sell items, but for the most part that is not what it is about. Instead, this is a complex composed of five buildings in which the RH faithful can eat and drink and taste, wine for the most part. The restaurant part of the outpost is an indoors-outdoor affair with the external portion allowing diners to relax in what is, effectively, an olive grove with the sound of fountains as the background soundtrack.

Within, grand surroundings with crystal chandeliers and artfully presented stone walls, as well as luxurious seating, make this a place in which wines can be sampled and if the visitor really wants to (just by the way) the furniture is actually for sale.

The Yountville ‘store’ is a restaurant and it is the first RH instance of a standalone eaterie from the company.