A store arrives Freshly in Madrid

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Freshly, the Spanish online cosmetics retailer and brand has opened its second store, this time in Madrid, following the pilot store that opened in Barcelona earlier this year.

Located in the heart of downtown, the point about this one is that it is a store and if that sounds something like a statement of the obvious, it’s because the underlying aim is to translate the idea of the operation’s website and to make it physical.

Practically, this means that the store takes the colours of the Freshly website, pink mainly, and uses graphics on the upper perimeter of the kind that would normally be headers on a webpage. The mid-shop equipment consists of elongated oval tables with the legend ‘Freshly Store’ attached to their legs, lest the shopper should forget.

The thing that will strike the onlooker most, however, will be the curving walls and the podium, complete with canopy, where shoppers can relax and learn more about the brand, as well as indulging perhaps in a little social media moment – the store is full of instagrammable elements.

Overall, it’s a good looking addition to Madrid’s retail landscape and should find favour.