A Sweet Flagship. M&M’s Berlin.

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There are a few brands that are quintessentially American and M&M’S is certainly one of them. Little surprise therefore that when it comes to making a splash in a major market it pulls out all the stops and the newly-opened flagship on Berlin’s ritzy Kurfürstendamm is a case in point.

This is a three-floor affair in a modernist block with a 3,000 sq m selling area, making it a very large shops for what are essentially very small items. That said, this is as much about creating and cementing a relationship with Berlin as it is concerned with small, brightly coloured pieces of confectionary.

In-store this means everything from a full-size model of the M-Bahn train (a magnetic levitation train that ran for a relatively short period on a line in the city, just post-reunification), to a massive lightbox in the window which bears a map of the city.

This is a multi-coloured arrival on one of the city’s most prominent thoroughfares and it would be very hard to miss.

The design is the handiwork of Landor & Fitch.

Pics: M&M’s and Landor & Fitch